Questions of Happiness

Some notes I took while listening to Anthony Robbins’ Personal Power II program (Day 08 – You Get What You Focus On):

What you focus on determines how you feel. The questions you ask yourself determine what you focus on. If you feel a certain way on an ongoing basis, it’s because you ask certain question on an ongoing basis.

The best way to STAY fat is to constantly ask yourself “Why am I so fat?” –> Your brain is going to figure out some reasons why that is! –> So instead ask yourself: “What can I do today to become a thinner person in the long term? AND ENJOY THE PROCESS?”

Tony’s formula for wealth: Live every day in an attitude of gratitude. The more you feel like you have, the more you’ll experience in your life, and the more you will be willing to give. Make sure that you’re always trying to give more than you take back and feel grateful for everything you have, and you will be wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.

Power Questions To Ask Yourself

1.1) “What am I most happy about in my life right now?” –> If “Nothing.” –> “What COULD I be happy about?”
1.2) “What about that makes me happy?”
1.3) “How does that make me feel?”

2.1) “What am I really excited about in my life right now?”
2.2) “What about that makes me excited?”
2.3) “How does that make me feel?”

3.1) “What am I really grateful for in my life right now?”
3.2) “How does that make me feel?”

4.1) “What am I really proud of in my life right now/so far?”
4.2) “What about those things makes me feel proud?”
4.3) “How does that make me feel?”

5.1) “Who do I love most in my life?”
5.2) “Who loves me?”
5.3) “How does that make me feel?”

You have to ask those questions with a sincere interest and desire to get an answer.

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